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Wisdom Teeth Removal Ice Pack: The Best Home Remedy


Teeth Removal Ice Pack

Wisdom Teeth Removal Ice Pack: The Best Home Remedy

When you experience wisdom teeth swelling, most of the people extract it out through a surgery. However, following the surgery are few days to rest and recover. You can ask for painkillers from your dentist but wouldn’t it be more convenient if you use home remedies instead? What could be one of the best home remedies available in any household is the wisdom teeth removal ice pack.

How do I prepare it?

All you need is one pair of long socks, a safety pin, four zip-lock bags, water, and rubbing alcohol. The wisdom teeth removal ice pack is highly recommended because it does not freeze solid so that you can contour to your face easily.

Place the ice pack inside the sock, tie the top part of the sock on top of your head, and lie down. Try to relax. It will start to subside the inflammation of your extracted wisdom tooth. Always remember that it’s three parts water and 1 part alcohol (hence, the four zip-lock bags).

You can repeat the process as much as you want. As the inflammation starts to go down, so as the pain fades. Aside from the ice pack, you can also rinse with warm water mixed with salt to speed up the process.

This home remedy is proven effective to most of the patients. They even fall asleep with ice packs on their faces. However, if you have tried the aforementioned home remedies and still doesn’t work out well, then you might consider visiting your dentist again for painkillers. It’s also to check if you don’t have a dry socket or haven’t developed infections during the recovery time that can deteriorate the problem. Proper oral hygiene is also important not just in recovering from wisdom teeth extraction but at all times.


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