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Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare


wisdom teeth removal aftercare

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare

It is normal to get nervous when your dentist told you that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted but with determination and strength with the combined wisdom teeth removal aftercare that we shall share with you, you can lessen the pain and heals faster.

 Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare Tips

Infections, a complication such as a dry socket and discomfort can possibly occur after the operation. The dry socket complications happens when the newly formed blood clot was dissolved and the nerves and bones will be exposed but remember that if you will prolong decision on the extraction of your impacted tooth, the wisdomteethswelling can even prolong your suffering and hassle especially when eating.

Expected After The Surgery

Right after the operation, you can feel moderate pain, swell, and of course, bleeding. You will also require biting the gauze pad to minimize the bleeding or you can use the moist tea bag, which is the best alternative and useful in promoting blood clotting. This must be changed every after half an hour. Head should be elevated and a pack of ice can be applied to your check.

What You Should Do

  1. If you are already allowed to go home, make sure that you do not get on tremendous activity and be extra gentle with your mouth. Better yet, you rest on your bed and to kill boredom you can enjoy watching movie or video on your favorite social media channel.
  2. When brushing your teeth, be very gentle especially on the wounded areas. You can also rinse your mouth with saline solution or diluted wash after eating.
  3. Wisdom teeth removal aftercare also includes staying hydrated by drinking more cold fluids or lukewarm water. Do not stop placing a pack of ice to minimize the swell on your check.
  4. Eat only soft food like porridge and do not eat solid food that may get into the socket like nuts or popcorn.
  5. It is also your time to take a long rest to heal fast while taking the pain reliever or prescribed antibiotic. Dryness, nausea, sore throat and stiff jaw are normal after three to four days but if it worsens, you can visit again your dentist.


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