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Wisdom Teeth Out: The Recovery Phase


Wisdom Teeth Out

Wisdom Teeth Out: The Recovery Phase

After the discomfort and pain of pulling the wisdom teeth out, recovery phase begins and this means that when the anesthesia wears off, you will start to feel the pain that is why you need to take a pain reliever to ease the pain. Bleeding is expected for several days but with gauze bad and lukewarm water, bleeding will be reduced. It may take few weeks to recover depending on how severe the wisdom teeth were impacted and you can minimize the complication if you will take a rest during these days and take more fluids to prevent dehydration. The surgeon will give you further instructions about the medication, the food that you can eat and as well as the activity you need to do avoid such as brushing and flossing. To keep it clean, you dilute salt in water and rinse your mouth then after few days you can get back brushing, but doing it carefully and gently. For food, you could not eat any solid. Porridge, yogurt, and other soft food are best to avoid food stuffed in the pulled area.

Pulling wisdom teeth out is a simple operation but has minimal risk for as long as it is not infected. However, there are much risk and problems such as wisdom teeth swelling if you will just neglect it and leave the impacted wisdom tooth untreated. The discomfort, swell, and pain may take few days or week and can be assisted by placing an ice pack on the check but in case you notice strange sign such as severe pain, discharge of pus, or fever, inform your surgeon immediately. There are cases that inflammation can trigger by extremely hot weather and may lead to cause fever. For added information, you can always consult your dentist.



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