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Will tooth extraction cure abscess?

infection in gum above tooth
infection in gum above tooth

Will tooth extraction cure abscess?

A tooth extraction is when a tooth is removed from the mouth. There are several reasons why an extraction is done; Many times they are done to remove wisdom teeth, or as part of an orthodontic procedure. Extraction is one of the oral treatments that should be avoided whenever possible and is that we are facing the process that involves the removal of a tooth. In this article you can learn about the main reasons to extract a tooth, however, you must not forget that, to this day, there are a wide variety of techniques that are designed to save the tooth. Each of these is discussed in more detail below. So if you want to learn if a tooth extraction can treat infections or will tooth extraction cure abscess, those questions can be answered below.

What are the factors or situations that force tooth extraction?

Wisdom Teeth

Let’s start this list talking about a very common situation such as the extraction of wisdom teeth. In this case, it is recommended to remove these pieces whenever they give problems during the eruption and it is not only that we are facing a situation that causes pain since it is also necessary to mention that the development of these molars can affect the rest of the teeth. Extraction of wisdom teeth is a fairly common procedure.

Complicated infections

Another reason why extraction is recommended is found in those patients who have advanced caries or an infection that has destroyed an important part of the tooth, nerve, and bone that surrounds the piece. In this situation most people opt for extraction since there is no remedy to solve this problem, this being a highly recommended alternative since the treatment will eliminate the possibility of infections occurring in the damaged tooth. Anyway, it is noteworthy that the extraction is the last option since it whenever possible the patient will be offered to restore the tooth through a root canal or root canal treatment. However, if a patient does not have enough funds for an expensive RCT, then they may opt for a more affordable tooth extraction treatment.

Orthodontic treatment

Finally, you must not forget another common cause for which a tooth is extracted and that is when there is no space in the jaw for growing teeth, a situation that is frequently encountered in orthodontic treatments and whose main objective is to enable space for correct alignment of the developing teeth. Most of the time, some dentists may even recommend extracting a tooth before starting orthodontic treatment in the patient.

In case that the extraction is the only solution compatible with your situation, you must know that most dentist currently have a wide variety of techniques dedicated to dental restoration, so you can recover both aesthetics and oral functionality with the help of treatments such like Implantology, a method that has a great success today because it offers patients excellent and very natural results. You do not have to worry about getting your teeth extracted since there are a ton of options available.


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