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Why is wisdom tooth swelling?


wisdom tooth swelling

Why is wisdom tooth swelling?

Wisdom teeth are a very important to our jaw.  In fact it is the last tooth to rise in our jaw and since it the last one to grow; it is often left with no enough space for itself.  So, sometimes it forces itself out to your jaw, causing so much pain and discomfort to humans.  Sometimes, doctors need to decide quickly to remove it or not, as good timing is essential to human health.

Wisdom tooth swelling is caused by some factors such as:

Wisdom tooth impaction.

This happens when wisdom tooth forces its way to the gums.  Since it is blocked by other teeth and jaw bones, it will always find a way to make itself out.  Some serious conditions will cause tumors if not properly attended by a Dentist.

Gum Infection.

It is also because when the wisdom teeth manage to find a place in the gum area and causes injury in the gums.  It is cause by our bodies’ natural instinct to bring the much needed nutrients and causes small veins expand, which causes the swelling and redness.

Gum Irritation.

This is usually caused by food stocked around the gum area.

Here are some remedies to temporarily lessen the pain and discomfort brought by wisdom teeth swelling.

Regular rinsing of your mouth.

One suggested remedy is to rinse your mouth with doctor recommended mouthwash or even salt with water, to dislodge food stocked in the gums.  It will also help clean your mouth.

Ice cold compress.

This method of putting cold compress into the affected area or the face, will help reduce the swelling and the pain.

Over the counter pain relievers.

Pain relievers that are anti-inflammatory can help reduce the swelling of your teeth, thus giving you some comfort in opening your mouth.

When you have a swollen wisdom tooth, it is advised to see a dentist right away.  It is best to determine what causes your wisdom tooth to swell, because it may have implications to our health.



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