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What is Wisdom tooth infection?


Wisdom tooth infection

What is Wisdom tooth infection?

Are you experiencing a swollen wisdom tooth? Feeling pain and discomfort?  It may be cause by wisdom tooth infection.  What is wisdom tooth infection?

Wisdom tooth infection

it is sometimes called pericoronitis is cause by infection in the soft tissues that is surrounding the wisdom teeth.  Because it is an infection, it maybe cause by bacteria that are accumulated around the gum of a partially erupted tooth.  This tooth is hard to cleanse because of its proximity or position in the gum area.  So often left unclean, the bacteria usually build up there.  There is usually a balance between our bacteria and our defense system, any deficiency in our immune system due to illness, will cause imbalances that may result to triggered infection.

There are two types of tooth infections: 1. Transient infection.  This is expected when your teeth is about to erupt and after it has come out, expect the infection to subside, while, 2. Persistent infection.  It is cause when you teeth are impacted.  It is expected that the discomfort will keep on coming back.

Below are some symptoms of having an infection:

  1. Redness and swelling of the gum tissues is one sign that you probably have infection.
  2. Swollen face and sometimes, difficulties in opening the mouth.
  3. Presence of bad odor and bad breath coming out from the mouth.

This infection can be treated by reducing the amount of bacteria in the area affected by scrapping debris, prescribing you with anti-bacterial oral rinse and giving you antibiotics.  If the infection is so serious, the dentist may decide for a wisdom tooth extraction.  But before the procedure, the dentist must make sure that swelling first subside.

According to surveys, swollen wisdom tooth is the common cause of wisdom tooth extraction. May this article give you good insight about wisdom tooth infection.





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