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What is Wisdom tooth extraction?


Wisdom tooth extraction

What is Wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is decided by the dentist or the surgeon after proper diagnosis. It is a procedure performed to get rid of a swollen wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth extraction, involve a single wisdom tooth, simply or surgically removed from the jaw. The procedure includes simply pulling out the wisdom tooth from the gums, in cases when it has already come out of the gums.  While in a severe case, it will be remove from the jaw, buy slicing the gums, to make it appear.  Then surrounding tissues will be removed, to give way for the tooth to be pulled out.  When it’s still hard to pull out the wisdom tooth, it will be break to smaller parts, so it will be remove, bit by bit.

It may involve removing bone.

The procedure may also include incision into the gum tissue to expose the tooth and the bone, thus it makes them easy to remove the tooth.  They may even result to bone removal, as long as it blocks the teeth.  After the tooth is removed and the gums are cleared of debris, the gums are stitch back, to join the tissues.

After the surgery, Please take note of the following symptoms, which requires immediate attention and visit to the dentist or dental surgeon.  The following are:

  1. You must see your doctor when you experience difficulty in breathing.
  2. Excessive bleeding And high fever
  3. Continued pain which was not relieved by the prescribe pain reliever
  4. Swelling even after 3 days and bad breath
  5. Numbing and blood in the stool.

This few symptoms are evidence that there is something wrong with your operation.  There may be infection and it will be fatal, if not immediately referred to your dentist. He was the one who performed the procedure, so he is the best person to evaluate the situation.




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