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What is wisdom teeth removal?



What is wisdom teeth removal?

As we grow up, we should have experienced a swollen wisdom tooth. Most often, doctors will decide to remove it or not, depending to its implications to our health.  This article will focus more on wisdom tooth removal and, how it affects people’s lives after surgery.

Wisdom teeth removal:

It is the process of removing the wisdom teeth permanently, to avoid serious health injuries to humans.  The process is performed by medical professionals and it is done mostly in a short period of time, unless it involves serious conditions. During the process, local anesthesia is administered; tissues surrounding the teeth are removed, to properly take out the wisdom tooth.

Recovery period:

After the operation, the patient is advised to rest for 3 to 5 days.  In some cases, slight bleeding is normal, but it should stop after 24 hours of rest. During the recovery period, patient will also be given some pain reliever to ease away some discomforts and anti biotic to avoid infections.  The patients will also be advised to refrain from any form of exercise that will require strength and physical activities.  This may cause bleeding and will result to serious conditions.

What to eat:

During this period, patients are advised not to skip meals to be able to regain strength faster, but instead, eat soft foods, vegetables, fruits and soup. Alcohol and tobacco is strictly prohibited.

Wisdom teeth removal

is a common procedure and is considered a minor surgery. Recovery is fast and considered safe among dental professionals.  However, if the patients does not follow the after surgery instruction given by the physicians, it may cause a more serious and life threatening situation.  So, this medical procedure should not be taken lightly.  Once successfully done, it will be a better life away from discomfort and pain cause by the swelled tooth.






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