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What is impacted wisdom teeth removal?


impacted wisdom teeth removal

What is impacted wisdom teeth removal?

Experiencing wisdom tooth pain? Chances are you are having an impacted wisdom tooth.  In this article, we will focus in impacted wisdom teeth removal.  It is evident when you have a wisdom teeth swelling.

What is impacted wisdom tooth?

In medical terms, a tooth that fails to erupt or comes out in a wrong way, are called impacted wisdom tooth.  It is usually caused by having not enough space for the wisdom tooth to come out. Other tooth may have blocked its coming out and its angle position is wrong. According to studies, it is better to remove wisdom tooth at a younger age.  Because when the patient is still very young, chances of faster healing is expected.

The decision to go on with the procedure comes after the following symptoms are observed by the dentist.

  1. Pain experience in the area surrounding the wisdom tooth.
  2. Infection of the soft tissue is happening frequently.
  3. Cyst and tumors found in the affected area.
  4. Damaging other teeth in the area and
  5. Extensive tooth decay

Generally, the procedure will involve injection of anesthetic to the patient or in some cases, giving the patient general anesthesia if the patient is afraid. The tooth is then moved, causing the fibers to loosen the teeth. This time, the tooth is slowly pulled out from the gums.  Right after the tooth is removed, the socket is cleaned and the surgeon will usually smoothen sharp bone edges and proceed to leave some stitches.

After wisdom tooth extraction, you shouldn’t eat nor drink within 2 hours, avoid physical exercises, avoid alcohol and smoking, take pain relievers if necessary and avoid brushing the affected area in the next few days.

Impacted wisdom teeth removal always happen early 20’s, and usually at the age of 30’s, patients don’t want to have it removed.  But, for the children of younger, it is always advisable for their impacted wisdom tooth removed.








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