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What is an impacted wisdom tooth?


impacted wisdom tooth

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

Impacted wisdom tooth is one cause of a swelling wisdom tooth. It is so painful and should be address immediately by a dentist. So, if you are suffering from a swollen wisdom tooth, it may have been cause by an impacted tooth.

Impacted wisdom tooth

It is the wisdom tooth that was partially erupted from the mouth, mainly because something was blocking its way and most often, it’s just another tooth. Factors such as the size of the wisdom tooth, the angle which it is pointing, these will contribute to the infection that causes the pain.  One factor is the size of the teeth compared with the size of the jaw, where there is a mismatch.

They can also be classified as depending on the following

  1. Direction of impaction. It is measured to its depth and the amount of tooth that extends through the gum area.
  2. Presence or absence of a symptom is also another way of classifying an impaction.Screenings usually involve x-rays, clinical examinations and radiographs.

Here are few types of impacted tooth

  1. Mesial Impaction. As the most common among all the impaction, it is when the angle of eruption if pointing towards the front of the mouth.  It usually point to the next front molar.  Most of the time, there is only a partial eruption and dentist will mostly put this under constant observation.
  2. Vertical impaction mostly doesn’t require wisdom teeth removal. It has almost a normal orientation and tends to come out and fits the mouth.  Its location is almost making extraction impossible and more often, this type of impaction does not cause any harm.
  3. Distal Impaction is the opposite of Mesial impaction as its angles is pointing at the back.Chances are it will just erupt normally and will not incline.
  1. Horizontal impaction is considered the worst situation, as it is pointing away from the surface and this type of impaction will always end up to wisdom tooth extraction.


So there it goes little basic information for you understand more about impacted wisdom teeth.





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