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What is a wisdom teeth ice pack?


wisdom teeth ice pack

What is a wisdom teeth ice pack?

After experiencing a wisdom teeth swelling, your dentist may advise you to undergo a wisdom teeth extraction procedure.  In order to give a little bit of relief after the surgery, dentists will surely advice to buy an ice pack.

What is a wisdom teeth ice pack?

This is a tool mostly suggested by dentist after the surgery. This can help you remove the discomfort and pain.  This will improve your condition.

  1. After the extraction, you compressed in the side of the affected area
  2. This must be place without removing it from the affected area for as much as 24 hours. After that, it is no longer effective.

The good thing about iced pack is that you can make a homemade one.  You don’t have to buy from any drug store. Anyway, you will be using it once only.  Here are some methods to make a homemade ice pack.

  1. Rubber glove. You can use this as a temporary container of ice.  Just fill it up with ice and tying the open end with a rubber band.  You can use this as often as needed.  The glove should be empty after used and dried.
  2. Paper towel. Another thing is using a paper towel. You just have to soak it first with water and right after, remove the excess water and put it in the bag.  Next is put it  in the refrigerator and leave it there for around 15 minutes.  After that, it should be ready for use.  Just make sure that your plastic bag is properly sealed.
  3. Gel ice packs. This is another way to make ice packs. This just a mixture of water and alcohol, put in a freezer bag, double the bags to insure no leaking. There you are, you can this for your swollen face.


In using ice packs, avoid the following errors.

  1. Prolong the use of ice pack. Even if ice pack is a useful tool for reducing swell, it can reduce blood flow, thus slowing the healing process.  Use it with 10 minutes interval.
  2. Some patients make an n error in applying the ice packed directly to the skin.  It will damage the soft tissue of your skin.  What you need to do is , put a soft cloth in between your skin and the ice pack.
  3. Some people make the error of not elevating the affected area , while doing the ice pack treatment.
  4. Not giving themselves time to rest.

So there you go, happy ice packing.





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