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What Happens When You Neglect Dentist Wisdom Teeth Removal?


dentist wisdom teeth removal

What Happens When You Neglect Dentist Wisdom Teeth Removal?


For some people, dentist wisdom teeth removal is unnecessary especially if the growing teeth do not cause any pain. In fact, they avoid the surgery because of the wisdom teeth swelling they fear afterward. However, if you neglect the dentist wisdom teeth removal, what are the risks you are putting yourself into?


It refers to the swelling of the tissue that surrounds the wisdom tooth. Most of the young adults have experienced this kind of pain. Aside from that, approximately 95% of pericoronitis cases occur because of the wisdom teeth in the lower part of the mouth.

Tooth infection

Tooth decay is also one of the most common problems and unfortunately, it had affected a number of teenager’s nowadays too—not just aging people. If you neglect your wisdom teeth, chances are, it will cause an infection that could lead to pulpitis. As a result, your dental pulp would swell.

If you feel the throbbing pain in your wisdom tooth that does not seem to go away, you may have pulpitis. The infection would run to the bottom of the tooth known as apical periodontitis if you just neglect it.

Jaw traumas

Other reasons to get your wisdom teeth extracted include jaw traumas, root fractures, and cracks. Your chances of being at risks for this kind of tooth infections are high if the growing wisdom tooth is already infected.

Now that you know the risks of not extracting your wisdom tooth, you might want to see your dentist today. Especially if your growing wisdom tooth is bugging you repeatedly than usual, it is important that you get it extracted as soon as possible. In that way, you can prevent dealing with more serious problems and reduce the pain as much as you could.


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