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What causes tooth pain?




causes tooth pain
causes tooth pain

What causes tooth pain?

Tooth pain is a common problem now a day, especially in young people.  It is cause by swollen tooth. It is may be cause by poor knowledge about proper tooth management.  People a days are too busy to brush their teeth and allow cavities to stay within.  It is also cause by nerves reaction within the teeth affected.  Here are some symptoms of having tooth pain.

  1. Sensitivity. This time of having tooth pain, you will be feeling more sensible to hotness or coldness of as substance that comes to your senses. Whether it be food or water. Short discomfort felt, only signals small problem.  It may be just cause by small decay in the tooth.
  2. Pain. Sharp pain felt when eating; suggest a cracked tooth or loose filling within the teeth.
  3. Longer pain. When you feel a longer pain while eating hot or cold food, it suggests an irreversible damage to the teeth or a trauma in the affected area.
  4. It’s hard to determine the cause of this pain, because they share the same area. In this case, you need to see your dentist, to be able to determine the exact cause.
  5. Constant pain. In this kind of symptoms, you need to see the doctor.
  6. Severe pain and sensitivity to touch. These symptoms suggest that there is an spread infection in the teeth.


Tooth pain is a very hard to manage pain situation. It may cause fever and even so much discomfort to a person.   People, who suffer tooth pain, don’t want to move around, which result in absence from work and school.  It can result to less productivity in a person’s day to day life.

It is essential for people to have proper knowledge in tooth care and proper hygiene to be able to minimize tooth decay or infection. Proper tooth bushing must be taught to children, to be able to develop healthy teeth.




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