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What causes tooth extraction pain?


tooth extraction pain

What causes tooth extraction pain?

Wisdom tooth swelling often result to wisdom teeth extractions. This procedure, often will cause damage to some tissues involve.  This causes wisdom tooth extraction pain. This is the reason why there is pain and discomfort felt after its extraction, whether it’s a simple or a surgical procedure.  The amount of pain varies case to case, depending on the seriousness of the affected areas. Simple extraction may cause short pain, while surgical extraction will leave the patient with longer pain.

After each extractions,

patients must immediately take the pain reliever, once the anesthesia expires, to avoid experiencing the severe pain.  As pain relievers don’t take effect immediately, you need to take it right after the expiration of the anesthesia.  It is also important to take some food, before you take the pain reliever to coat the intestine.

After each extraction,

pain is normally expected after 12 hours.  The pain is usually bearable in normal case.  After 12 hours, the pain will slowly subside.  In some cases, pain will stay beyond the 12 hour period.

Pain after 2 days is uncommon, but in some cases, it might occur.  While pain after 3 days, might be a good reason to consider visiting your dentist.  For pain beyond this time, the best thing for a patient to do is visit the dentist or dental surgeon.  This may be a result, of a bigger problem, which is a result of the tooth extraction.

Patients should follow the don’ts and do’s after a surgery.

They should follow the aftercare instruction given by the physician.  Pain will be gone as long as you follow all the instruction given by the dentist.

If you are suffering a swollen wisdom tooth, do not be afraid of the pain.  Think of the discomfort it will cause your life, if you decide not to proceed with the extraction and the comfort of losing the pain, cause by the swollen wisdom tooth.


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