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What causes swollen gums around wisdom tooth?


What causes swollen gums around wisdom tooth?

People have this belief that having wisdom tooth could make a man wiser. This misconception could sometimes be true to some as they believe but has nothing to do in real sense. Wisdom tooth is referred to as the last and final molars man could have and usually appears when we reach twenties or adulthood. Having this wisdom tooth can help man in properly chewing the food when eating. But apart from that advantage, problem may arise if this wisdom tooth is not properly in place, not appropriately aligned or if you already starting to feel pain.

If you feel pain and you’ve already noticed that there’s inflammation, better consult with your dentist right away. Dentist is the right person to determine if the pain we feel is brought by the appearance of wisdom tooth or if the wisdom teeth are inflamed after extraction, or it could be from too much cavities that leads to tooth decay. For us to have an idea here are some causes of swollen gums around wisdom tooth. First, there could be an infection near the wisdom tooth. Swollen gums around the wisdom tooth can be seen within the area where the partly erupted or fully-erupted wisdom tooth appears. This can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your dentist and may last up until a week.

Second, Impacted wisdom tooth can also make your gums to swell. And lastly, wisdom teeth swelling may also be cause by surgery. After removing your wisdom tooth, you will notice that your gums are swelling. According to medical personnel, this is just normal and part of the healing process of the surgery. Patients are advised to rinse their mouth with warm water and salt to ease the pain to cure inflammation. By repeatedly doing this process, eventually the swelling will stop and it absolutely heals.




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