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What causes rotten teeth?

rotten teeth
rotten teeth

What causes rotten teeth?

Do you have rotten teeth? Or do you know someone with rotten teeth?  It is common to see children having a rotten teeth, it is hard to explain, what cause teeth to rot?

In our times today, personality development is a big issue.  It concerns everyone, from the children to teenagers and so with the adults. Everyone is into gym, cosmetics and other beauty regiments, just to look good.  Rotten teeth should be a big blow, to our eagerness to obtain a very pleasing personality.

What cause rotten teeth? Take note of the following.

  1. Neglect of proper hygiene practice. It is common this times, that because people are so busy, often times, the good old practice is ignored.  It will cause a building up of cavities and bacteria.
  2. Improper diet. Food rich in sugar and carbohydrates will greatly contributed to the condition.
  3. Deficient in fluoride. One of the essential chemical for our mouth is fluoride. Deficient in this, will resort to rotten teeth. It cleans and makes our teeth healthy.
  4. Dryness of mouth. A mouth that is fully hydrated is protected from buildup of bacteria and cavity.
  5. As we all knew, smoking is not only dangerous to our lungs and heart, but to our teeth as well.
  6. Other diseases.  The presence of other diseases in our body, will contribute to the rotting of our teeth.

Our teeth draw a picture of our personality.  People sometimes judge a person by just looking at your teeth.  It also has an important function in our survival.  So, we need to take good care of our teeth. We won’t enjoy our food, if we have rotten teeth.  You won’t be confident enough, to meet other people, with a rotten tooth.

Wear a good smile, show your teeth and keep it shining. Healthy teeth will not only give you confidence, but, every reason to face the world, with a smile.




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