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What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom tooth
Wisdom tooth

What are wisdom teeth?

This is a question that sometimes confuses people with the normal teeth.  In this article, let me discuss with you wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are the last or the final set of molars that will come out of our jaws, mostly on your early 20 years.  When aligned properly and properly place in the mouth, it is could be a good asset to our mouth.  However, most often it is the other way around.  It causes more problem than good in the lives of people.

These set of teeth when misaligned, will cause a lot of damage to the nerves and tissues and will result to wisdom tooth swelling. This will cause a lot of pain. Since it is located near some soft tissues, it may cause openings that may allow bacteria in and cause infections within.  Here are some important things to know about your wisdom teeth.

  1. It comes out late among all the teeth. That is the reason why it is called so.
  2. It is also considered the largest and can be located as the last sets of teeth in the upper and lower bottom of the jaw.
  3. It is the most problematic tooth in our mouth. Usually, people will have issues with their wisdom teeth than the other teeth.  It is observed that among adults now a days, wisdom teeth are missing in their jaws.  This makes experts to say that there are changes in the composition of our jaws now compared to the earlier times.

Wisdom tooth are very important part of our mouth and one thing to avoid encountering more problem with it is  to know more about it, its characteristic, its composition and be able to determine if it needs to extracted or be save.




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