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What are the Symptoms of abscess root canal?

abscessed root canal
abscessed root canal

What are the Symptoms of abscess root canal?

Abscessed tooth are not common illness in the mouth, but it is a result of a poor hygiene in a person.  It is an infection in the pulp of every tooth and should not be taken lightly.  The infection is capable to spread to other parts of the body, if not address immediately.  You may not be able to personally diagnose an abscessed tooth, you can check on some symptoms that you may feel and observed.  This will be a sign for you to visit your dentist.

Here are some of the symptoms of an abscessed Root canal:

  • Redness in the Gum.
  • Pain in the Gum.
  • Swelling in the Gum.
  • Open sores
  • And Presence of bumps in the infected tooth.
  • Pain when chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold water.
  • A bitter taste and foul breath.

Some, if not all of these symptoms of an abscessed root canal, will be observed when you have an abscessed tooth.  Never ignore such symptoms, because if not attended, this may lead to a more serious illness, not only in the mouth.  It may complicate to the other parts of your body.

For a diagnosed abscessed tooth, the dentist may suggest any of the following procedure

  1. Root Canal. This is a normal procedure, done to repair a tooth, if the infection is not yet severe.  The teeth will just be repaired by scrapping the infected part.
  2. In a more serious case, the tooth will have to be extracted and may be replaced.
  3. Gum Incision. This is done in cases, where the infected tissue are being drain out.

This article provided you with some basic details, on how to be aware of the symptoms of an abscessed root canal.  This will help you determine the right time, to visit your dentist.





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