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What are the common complications caused by impacted wisdom tooth? 


impacted wisdom tooth

What are the common complications caused by impacted wisdom tooth?


Impacted wisdom tooth basically results to swelling of the gums and jaw. Wisdom teeth swelling can quickly get worst and become really very painful. Impacted wisdom tooth pain is not bearable. The pain may go through the ears and into the neck which is really bothersome. People who suffer from this pain run straight to their dentist to have it checked and cured.

Today, we are so lucky that we have more advanced dental technologies available to examine and treat the different kinds of dental concerns. But we cannot escape impacted wisdom tooth pain and the problems it bring to us. Here are the most common complications caused by impacted wisdom tooth; Number one to mention is damage to other teeth.

Partially erupted wisdom tooth may crack its neighbouring teeth especially if there is no more space for it to fill in. This can really cause damage. Second is bothering pain. Third is gum infection that can result to bad breath and housing of bacteria. These bacteria have the ability to impair our teeth and gums. Fourth on the list is tooth decay. Impacted wisdom tooth can trap food particles that are hard to remove by brushing alone. If these food particles are not taken out, it can easily bring bacteria that produces tartar and worst tooth decay.

The last but not the least is cyst. We may not be aware that impacted wisdom tooth pain can result to cyst if remain untreated. There are people who just bear the pain and disregard the danger because of the fear from seeing a dentist or just can’t afford the bill. Unknowingly, impacted wisdom tooth can damage our teeth and the bone that supports it which could really be very dangerous. If cyst gotten worst, it can lead to cancer.



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