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What are the causes of a wisdom tooth abscess?

wisdom tooth abscess
wisdom tooth abscess

What are the causes of a wisdom tooth abscess?

It is time to know what are the causes of the infection of a tooth, which is also known as a dental abscess, this being a common situation presented by patients at a lot of dental clinics, and that requires immediate treatment if we do not want to lose the tooth. This treatment process, popularly known as RCT, involves carrying out a root canal treatment with the aim of extracting the damaged part of the pulp and then sealing the area to prevent a new infection. However, before you get your tooth extracted or get an RCT, you have to know the cause of the tooth infection in the first place.

Main causes of dental nerve infection:

Dental caries

As a general rule, the vast majority of infection to the pulp or nerve of the tooth is caused by deep caries since one of the peculiarities of this condition is that it has the ability to penetrate the tooth until it reaches the nerve. In this way it is essential to maintain a routine of complete dental hygiene since the lack of it is one of the main causes for which a cavity appears, while in case this disease manifests it is advisable to solve the problem in its phase Initial since a simple filling will suffice.

Tooth Trauma

There other causes that make possible the infection of the dental pulp and we do mentioning the blows or dental trauma as well as other factors such as excessive wear of the teeth or periodontal diseases.

Wisdom Tooth

Certain teeth, such as the third molars or the wisdom teeth, can also be the main cause of a dental abscess. A wisdom tooth abscess can occur when a wisdom tooth, which has not erupted, collects enough bacteria to become infected. The treatment for this is the extraction of wisdom teeth.

What should you do when dealing with a dental abscess?

Once the infection occurs you have to know that it can spread and affect the jaw bone that surrounds the tooth, this being one of the main causes of a tooth abscess, a symptom that manifests itself through inflammation of the gum and that has the potential to be extremely painful.

In this way, it is necessary to see a specialist who is responsible for treating an infection in the nerve being intense pain one of the most common symptoms suffered by a person who has infected the dental pulp. As we have previously mentioned, the most effective and recommended solution when treating an infection in the pulp is the root canal treatment, better known as endodontic, where the extraction of the infected pulp is carried out and then the filling is put in.

Another option for a dental abscess is tooth extraction. Once the tooth is extracted, patients can opt for various treatments such as having a tooth implant or opting for a dental prosthesis such as partial dentures or bridges. Whatever the case, seeing a dentist should be able to resolve the issues that are occurring because of a dental abscess.


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