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What are some wisdom tooth pain reliefs?


15 Remedies for Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

What are some wisdom tooth pain reliefs?

Wisdom tooth pain is a very disturbing situation that will definitely affect every human being.  It is caused by wisdom tooth swelling. In this article, we will discuss some of the relief available for wisdom tooth pain.  Please refer to the following.

Putting an ice pack in the swollen area

will bring a big relief to the patient. It will reduce the inflammation and it is safe to use as required.

Another best remedy is to dissolve salt in water

and gargle it regularly. Use warm water in the process.


is maybe an old way of treating wisdom tooth pain, but it is still effective. Just simply put the clove in the affected tooth, without chewing or spitting it out.

Peanut butter.

As opposed to the belief that it will contribute more to the pain, because of its sweetness, it is a good remedy for wisdom tooth pain. Just apply Peanut butter in the affected tooth.


Onion when occasionally bitten to extract its juice is also a good remedy for wisdom tooth relief.


A glass of whisky held in your mouth for minute will help reduce the swelling of the gum. It will cause reduction of pain.

Baking Soda.

It may not be common remedy for wisdom tooth pain, but it is.  You just have to mixed it with your regular tooth paste and put some in the affected teeth, by using your fingers.  It will reduce the swelling and intensity of the pain.

Tea bag.

This is also a very good remedy for pain.  You can use either the herbal or the normal one.  Just mix it with hot water and there you go.

Chewing gum.

It may sound funny, but, chewing gum can contribute relief in wisdom tooth pain. Just don’t over chew it.This will help prevent bleeding in gums.


A small piece of ginger put in the affected tooth and regularly bitten, will help ease the pain.

The following are just some of the remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief. Understanding and following this properly, will help you with great relief.



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