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Understanding Oral Health Problem: The Dental Abscess On Gum

dental abscesson gum
dental abscesson gum

Understanding Oral Health Problem: The Dental Abscess On Gum

Having a bright and beautiful smile is an investment to get better career in the future. Caring for your teeth had been taught by parents and teacher to the kids in their early childhood to have a good oral hygiene. However, there are people, due to poverty that often neglects to brush their teeth thrice a day after eating. This will cause the bacteria to multiply in the mouth and may cause cavity and infection. When you already experience painful swelling with thick and yellow liquid on the gum, chances are you may have a dental abscess on gum. The pus needs to be drained out; otherwise, the gum will swell. However, there are two types of abscess that can be formed: the periodontal abscess that targets the space in between your gum and teeth and the other one is the periapical abscess which happens inside the teeth. The latter case of a dental abscess on gum may happen if the nerve of the teeth is dying and it will infect the root of the teeth. This dental condition needs immediate treatment from the dentist since it will not simply go away and is painful, so it is for good that you should not ignore and neglect the symptoms.


The Possible Damage And Infection It May Bring If Not Treated


Although some people can be able to manage the pain brought by a dental abscess on gum, if this is not treated it can damage the teeth as well as the bone. This can lead you to taste unpleasant in your mouth. In severe cases, a dentalabscessongum can form a cyst or the fluid-filled bubbles on the jaw bone. The cyst may come out after the tooth is removed if it is really broken and a person may need surgery on the root canal to remove it.


Here’s What You Must Do


Whenever you suspected that you are experiencing a dental abscesson gum, it is better to set an appointment with your dentist since this condition is always labeled as serious matters. If you notice a pimple-like swell on the gum area, you may rinse your mouth with diluted salt. This can bring relief on pressure, but you must never forget to visit the dentist immediately.


How Dentist Treat Dental Abscess On Gum


This is the common method that most dentists perform in order to relieve patients suffering from a dental abscess on gum. First, they will need to thoroughly clean the infected area and drained out the pus. Sometimes they need to pinch or inject dental equipment between the teeth and gum to allow the pus to come out. Next, they will treat it. In order to do that, the dentist will check the source of infection. They may insert flexible material on the fistula and do an x-ray to properly see the whole areas. If the dentist traced that the infection started inside the teeth, he/she needs to create a hole in the infected teeth to let the abscess come out. This may need root canal treatment; however, at some point when the tooth is severe damage, extraction of the tooth is the last resort of the dentist. In this way, the infection is prevented from getting spread to the other jaw bone and teeth. After the process, the dentist will prescribe antibiotics and pain reliever. This will assist the patient in managing the pain and controlling the infection until it will totally heal.


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