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Trip to Your Dentist: Teeth Surgery


Teeth Surgery

Trip to Your Dentist: Teeth Surgery

A beautiful smile adds our confidence and the importance of having a good oral hygiene is badly needed to achieve this. Thus, we need to visit our dentist regularly and to avoid dental cavities and gum problems. But with wisdom teeth begins to erupt, sometimes it does not have enough space for your gum and as a result, you will possibly suffer from wisdom teeth swelling.

What To Expect When Having a Teeth Surgery

The dentist will advise that the impacted wisdom teeth must undergo teeth surgery.  Thus, before the procedure, the doctor will take an x-ray to properly see the teeth’s position. You also need to inform the surgeon about your medical history. Teeth surgery is just a simple procedure and less likely to have the complication but for the fast recovery, you need to follow the necessary protocol.

Dentist Protocol Of Taking Care After The Teeth Surgery

  1. Take a pain reliever and medication prescribed to manage the pain and inflammation after the surgery.
  2. Change the gauze pad to keep it clean every time blood soaked on it and rinse your mouth with lukewarm water.
  3. Stay in cool place. Rest your body and elevate your head. Use an ice pack to cool the outer of your check and ease bruise and discomfort.
  4. Make sure to drink more water and liquid to avoid getting dehydrated and to assist fast recovery.
  5. Visit and inform your surgeon when you experience fever and unusual discharge.

Teeth surgery, with proper post-surgery care and medication, can heal in few weeks time so you should never get panic if the dentist tells that your wisdom teeth must be extracted. However, if you will neglect and prolong the teeth surgery it may lead to more serious gum problems like tooth decay and bad breath.






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