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Tooth Extraction For Kids And Teens

severe tooth removal
severe tooth removal

Tooth Extraction For Kids And Teens


It is normal that kids or teens may be scared of visiting the dentist because of fear of the pain that comes when their decayed teeth are extracted. In as early as five or six years old, the milk teeth may be needed to be pulled out to give space to the permanent teeth to grown aligned. If these are not properly managed by parents, the kid may take the risk to have severe tooth removal in their adult stage when they already realized that it affects their appearance and good look. There may be many dental procedures and treatment for misaligned or bad teeth alignment that can correct the growth of the teeth in our gums but these may also incur expenses which are not easy for our budget.


The Fear Of Pain In Tooth Extraction


Being a human and as part of growing, it is good to educate the kid that it is needed to undergo painful tooth extraction for once to prevent misalignment and bad teeth. If at an early age, these are neglected and delayed, the damage or misalignment may even result in severe tooth removal. It is normal that fear of tooth extraction can be felt, but you as a parent need to console that there are ways to manage the pain after tooth extraction. With proper care, the healing time will be very fast and they will not be subject to fun due to having bad teeth in the future.

Tooth Extraction Is Just Simple Procedure


Thinking how it could be traumatic for kids and teens to have their tooth extracted is one reason why most of these fearful kids suffer from bad teeth in their adolescence and adult life. Letting them know that with the advancement of the technology and deepen research of the dental professionals, tooth extraction is just a simple procedure that can be done easily and with lesser pain. In fact, the pain will only last for few weeks and there are pain relievers and antibiotics that can assist the pain while it is fresh. The proper oral hygiene and taking care of the teeth as early as they already started eating solid foods are very important because it will also be the time when teeth are more subject to decay. There are dental products that can help one get strong healthy teeth such as mouthwash, toothpaste that are suitable, different varieties of toothbrush and other products; all these human-made products always looking forward that we will no longer suffer from having bad teeth and enables us to take good care of our teeth and prevent future serious health complications.

Growing and adolescent stage can be both challenging for parents and teens/kids. However, if they regularly visit their dentist the fear and discomfort will be minimized more making it easier for them to control their fear of tooth extraction. With the proper guidance of the parents and obedience and compliance of the children to pay a visit to the dentist on regular basis, severe tooth removal will be prevented.


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