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Tooth Extraction Care: What You Need To Do


Tooth Extraction Care

Tooth Extraction Care: What You Need To Do

After the extraction of a tooth, the blood clot will normally appear in the socket. To control the bleeding the patient will be instructed to bite the gauze pad. In few cases, the surgeon will stitch the gum, stitches will be dissolved on its own after week or days. In situations where the patient experience dry socket, the dentist will put a sedative dressing on it to prevent the formation of a new clot. All the discomfort after tooth extraction will lead to better oral health unlike if you left it untreated, it may lead to wisdom teeth swelling which can really cause so much discomfort and hassle for you.

Even though it is normal to extract a tooth and is considered very safe, there is tooth extraction care and the information you need to tell to your surgeon before you scheduled an operation or extraction such as the following:

  1. If you have a congenital heart defect.
  2. If you undergo heart valve operation.
  3. If your immune system is impaired.
  4. If you had been diagnosed with liver disease.
  5. If you had a history of bacterial endocarditis.
  6. Other medical histories

Confiding and informing your surgeon before the operation will help in intensifying the tooth extraction care during and after the procedure to avoid any infection or complication. After the extraction, you can expect discomfort especially if the anesthesia started to wear off but as tooth extraction care is given, there is no risk that could not be avoided or managed.

The Tooth Extraction Care after the Procedure

Painkillers such as mefenamic acid and antibiotic are normally prescribed to patients to ease pain and discomfort but the care does not entirely end here. You need to change the blood-soaked gauze pad from time to time to keep it clean. You also have to refrain from working and should take a rest for a couple of days so the socket won’t dislodge. On resting, you must keep your head elevated and use an ice pack when necessary to ease inflammation and swelling on your check.

Things You Cannot Do Within 24 Hours After Tooth Extraction

  1. You have to refrain smoking.
  2. You should never drink any liquid using the straw.
  3. You should not eat solid food like popcorn, chips, or nuts.
  4. You should not brush nor floss, instead rinse your mouth w2ith salt and water solution. (one-half teaspoon of salt should be dissolved in eight ounces of lukewarm water)
  5. Avoid being exposed in the sun or on hot sunny days.






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