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Things to do after a wisdom tooth extraction?


 wisdom tooth extraction

Things to do after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Many questions are in a patient’s mind, after the dentist suggests a wisdom tooth extraction. The cost of the extraction, the management of the pain and how long will the pain last?

It is always one factor, a patient will think about, when he/she has a  wisdom teeth swelling.  I would like to share some thoughts, on things to do after a wisdom tooth extraction.

 The first instinct for a patient is to have a speedy recovery and it will only be possible, if you follow every instruction’s your dentist gave you.  The purpose is to give you a good chance of a fast recovery and avoid complication, which will cause, a longer period to recovery.  In this case, dentists are so careful with these two possible occurrences: pain and bleeding.  They will try hard to possibly control this or at least minimized it.

Pain control.  After each wisdom tooth removal, tenderness and discomfort will always be expected

In the first few days and it will slowly subside.  The level of discomfort may vary, but , you just have to take your medication and the anti-inflammatory medicine, your dentist has prescribe.  Don’t forget to take the exact dose as prescribe.  In some cases, the dentist may give you a stronger medicine if it is needed.  Take the first dose, before the anesthesia subsides.  Note: don’t take aspirin after an extraction, because it will cause bleeding.

Bleeding and clot control.  After a wisdom tooth removal, the dentist will give you something to bite, purposely to put pressure on the wound, causing it to form a clot.  The main objective of this process is not to disturb the clot. Whenever the clot is removed or disturbed, bleeding starts again. Wound in the mouth is much harder to heal, than the one in the skin, it’s because of the presence of saliva.  It prevents hardening of the clot. The main point here is to possible avoid disturbing the wounded area.

Healing process will always be depending on the nature of the extraction and so with the patient’s cooperation.


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