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The Wisdom Tooth Problem


Wisdom Tooth Problem

The Wisdom Tooth Problem

When all other molar teeth already appeared, the wisdom teeth coming in will start during teenage and early twenties and they will appear on the back of the mouth near, the farthest to reach. The wisdom teeth coming in is just normal and almost all people experience this but it will start to give you problem if they do not erupt in the right position. Sometimes this will result in wisdom teeth swelling.

Here are possible wisdom tooth problems that may lead to infection:

  1. If the wisdom teeth coming in the place that is not aligned with the rest and other teeth in the gum. Since it grows on the undesired and wrong place, food can be trap easily in between teeth and may cause teeth to decay.


  1. If the wisdom teeth are crooked and twisted. Because the size of the jaw of the person isn’t all big to accommodate the wisdom teeth coming in, it may be stuck or impacted on or through your gum, thus surgery is needed to remove it.


  1. If the wisdom teeth are crowding and make it difficult to brush your teeth properly. The teeth that are hard to clean or brush every day will likely to decay fast and is the ideal place where bacteria can multiply and spread fast. If tooth decay started to eat the enamel of the teeth, one will have a bad breath.


What To Do?

Most of the people who have twisted or impacted wisdom teeth do not suffer pain and discomfort but if you will only see it in the long run that wisdom teeth will likely to give you gum problems, it then best that you must have your surgeon extract it before it cause damage to your other teeth.

If you wait long enough, you may risk the other healthy teeth that is why as much as possible, the best time to have it removed is when it just appears. There is more risk if you are already in the thirties and you removed the wisdom teeth swelling since the root of the teeth is already developed. Ask your dentist for more sound advice.






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