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The Symptoms and Treatments of Wisdom Teeth Dry Socket

Treatments of Wisdom Teeth Dry Socket
Treatments of Wisdom Teeth Dry Socket

The Symptoms and Treatments of Wisdom Teeth Dry Socket

Wisdom teeth dry socket or also called as alveolar osteitis refers to the failure of the blood clot to develop during the recovery process. You will know if you have one if the wisdom teeth swelling does not stop and the pain in your gums or jaw wouldn’t stop.


What are the symptoms?

  • Bad odor from the wisdom teeth dry socket
  • Pain that doesn’t seem to go away (especially in jaw and gums area)
  • Bad breath
  • Dry-looking socket even after the surgery
  • Pain starts two days after the surgery

How do I avoid teeth dry socket?

The following factors contribute to your teeth dry socket. In order to avoid it, you must follow the given tips.

  1. Avoid smoking
  2. Practice proper oral care hygiene
  3. Avoid using contraceptive pills during recovery
  4. Control your trauma of teeth extraction surgery

Choosing the right dentist also plays a major role in your teeth extraction. Narrow down your options to licensed and friendly dentists. Most of them even place some aquariums in the waiting room to help in calming the patient down before the surgery.

How do I treat it?

If the discomfort doesn’t go away for a few days, you can ask for prescribed painkillers from your dentist. Over-the-counter medication sometimes is not advisable, especially if this is your first time to experience dealing with a dry socket. Aside from that, if you continue to neglect it, the pain will run to the ear and cause more problems in the long run.

Recovery for wisdom teeth extraction is never easy and having dry socket makes it even more difficult. It is important to maintain oral care hygiene in the long run to avoid complications like this. In that way, you’ll be able to speed up your recovery time and go back to your normal life after the surgery.



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