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The Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction
Tooth extraction

The Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a procedure, often the last recourse of a dentist, to cure an impacted tooth. It is the result of careful diagnoses of a dentist, to a patient’s mouth.  It is usually performed by dental surgeons inside a clinic or at times, in a hospital.

The most common reason to extract a tooth, is its being damage beyond repair.  It is in this condition, that dentist will suggest tooth extraction. However, there are some reasons, why dentists, comes with such decision.

  • Not enough space. Teeth are supposed to come out from the gums. But, some time, lack of space, will not allow teeth to come out properly.  This will create some irritations in the gum area. If this happens, infection is inevitable.
  • Infected tooth if not properly treated, will cause more problems in the coming days. It will complicate with other health issues.
  • This is the situation, where a tooth is trap inside the jaw and only a portion of it is coming out from the gum.


These are some of the conditions that will make a dentist, decide to extract your teeth.  Now that your dentist came up with that suggestion, you need to talk to him, prior to the procedure.  Your dentist should be notified, of the following conditions you may have:

  • Past Major Surgery. Inform your dentist, if you have undergone heart surgery or you have a heart condition.
  • Impaired immune system and liver Disease. This is important for the dentist to know, to avoid any side effects and complications.  Heart and liver disease, will lower the healing process.
  • Other health conditions.

The reason for such actions is to give the dentist a feeling of familiarity and avoid guessing. He will be able to give accurate diagnoses.  Proper diagnoses will lead to proper treatment.




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