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The Reason We Have Wisdom Teeth And Why Removed It


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The Reason We Have Wisdom Teeth And Why Removed It

Many of teen who visits their dentist regularly will have their wisdom teeth removed after their dentist discovered that it is starting to appear on the gum. This is because it is best to remove these molar teeth as early as possible so that their roots are not yet fully grown and faster to heal. However, in some cases, people who have not yet tried to remove their wisdom teeth at all until it causes them troubles like wisdom teeth swelling may feel panic about the fact that it must be removed. Does wisdom teeth removal hurt?

The Reason Why Humans Have Wisdom Teeth

In the ancient era, humans normally had a big and tough jaw. In time, the growth of the wisdom teeth better assists them in chewing hard foods like raw meat. Since oral and dental hygiene rarely practices during that time they tend to lose teeth and the eruption of wisdom teeth is a great help. Over time, the evolution human now had a better jaw size and so wisdom teeth are less in use and were best removed.

Why Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed

Again, to the question “does wisdom teeth removal hurt?” Everything that is pulled out or cut from your body will surely hurt but since the use of anesthesia can assist the pain to make the person numb, you will not feel the pain of having your wisdom teeth removed. Once the shot of anesthesia started to wears off after the teeth have been removed, you will start to feel the tingling pain that is why before these hours happen the patient needs to take a pain reliever and antibiotic to paralyze the nerve and manage the pain. Should your wisdom teeth erupted, you have to remove it cause you oral problems like bad breath, cavity, and gum disease.




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