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The Disadvantages of Tooth Absence

absent tooth
absent tooth

The Disadvantages of Tooth Absence

 Oral health is probably one of the aspects that a lot of people neglect. People only take complete and immediate actions when they feel that something is wrong. In most cases, people do something when they feel a toothache or even when they are about to lose a tooth.

A person’s smile is essential because a smile is a form of communication already. However, not all people are confident to show that smile and this is simply because they do not have good oral health. A lot of people may have halitosis or bad breath, dental carries, plaque build-up, swollen gums, and others may have lost their permanent teeth. Such conditions is already your go signal to visit your dentist so that you can be given the necessary advice on what to do. So, if you do not have time to visit your dentist yet you have absent tooth then surely you should know that these are the disadvantages.

First, you do not feel comfortable and confident in giving that smile. As mentioned above, a person’s smile is important because it adds beauty and good looks. However, if you have absent tooth or worse absent teeth, then surely you do not want to show off your smile. Even laughing becomes too restrained to be done. People who have absent teeth do not feel comfortable in talking especially in front of many people.

Second, by losing a tooth, there is a big possibility that your way of eating is affected. Biting and chewing are the roles of the teeth and without even a single one, the processes can be affected. You may not enjoy the whole process of eating. Moreover, there are a lot of people who do not have teeth have lost weight and their health has been affected dramatically.

Third, you may look older than your real age. Without teeth, it is a fact that your face tends to change because the skin tends to sag. A lot of dentists advise that if you have lost a permanent tooth, you have to do the replacement within two to three months in order to avoid the sagging. Aside from the person’s looks, the enunciation of words can be affected too. Communication is important but without your teeth, your message may not be heard completely. Often, you are misunderstood by people because you simply cannot give the right information.

In summary, tooth absence is something that should be taken seriously by the people. There are a lot of cons to it and this includes looking older than the usual, communication problems, losing the appetite which can lead to affecting the general health, and most of all losing confidence. The teeth are an important part of a person’s body and therefore they should be taken in utmost care.

Tooth absence can be avoided with the proper care just like brushing the teeth regularly and also by visiting your dentist regularly as well. Your dentist can always guide you in what to do with your oral health.


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