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Swollen Wisdom Tooth: The Cause And Remedy



Swollen Wisdom Tooth: The Cause And Remedy

Wisdom teeth swelling can be a result to many potential reason and cause. This situation will often lead to bacterial infection. If you experience swollen wisdom tooth with an accompanied swelling of the face and fever, it is best to see your dentist so that the swollen wisdom tooth will be treated because complication may result to difficulty in breathing and swallowing if the condition worsens.

Possible Causes Of Swollen Wisdom Tooth

  1. One of the possible causes of having a swollen wisdom tooth is tooth abscess, the extreme decaying of teeth from the root.


  1. Another possible cause of swollen wisdom tooth is the irritation of the wisdom teeth and gum.


  1. The gingivitis can also be the reason why you have swollen wisdom tooth. If you experience bleeding during flossing or brushing your teeth, there is a high chance that you have gingivitis.


  1. The lack of Vitamin C can also be the cause of swelling wisdom teeth, sometimes, even swollen of your touch. The dentist will recommend you to eat more fruits and take supplements to address the deficiency.


How To Treat Swollen Wisdom Tooth

Even if you the necessary brushing and flossing of teeth there still be a chance for the bacteria to spread and multiply especially on gum line and other hard to reach part of your mouth. When you experience swollen wisdom tooth, dilute salt in water and gargle to rinse your mouth. This will remove the bacteria that cause the swelling and make sure to make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

If you notice that your toothpaste and mouthwash contributes to irritation of your teeth, stop using it. Tell your dentist if you are taking medication so he/she would be aware and prescribe medication that would not get a conflict with it.


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