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Sore Jaw And Other Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Sore Jaw And Other Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The wisdom teeth swelling needs immediate attention and treated from the surgeon, however, the patient will still need to manage sore jaw and other pain after wisdom tooth extraction. The pain after wisdom tooth extraction may be contributed by different factors such as the state or level of surgery done to the gum and teeth; patient unfollows or neglects the instruction, tremendous activity after the extraction of teeth and some other factors like less care and attention.

The Cause Of Sore Jaw And Other Pain

Pulling out the teeth especially the wisdom teeth causes trauma to the gum, bones, and surrounding tissues. This may even result in trismus, a condition by which mouth is limited to open. This is common for wisdom teeth extraction of impacted teeth and the pain after wisdom tooth extraction can really be severe.

What To Do

The trismus condition may affect the patient’s ability to talk and eat properly. This we say to inform you early and this is condition normally hurt the patient but over time, the tissues will start to repair itself; the pain will also go away. Though this does not really need of added treatment or procedure, go back to your surgeon’s clinic so the dentist can give you oral medication to ease the discomfort and pain.

Other Pain And Complication

Swelling and dry socket are other complications when you pulled out your wisdom teeth. The dry socket will often happen if the hole or the wound on the gum is infected. Biting the gauze pad and replacing it every time it gets soaked by blood plays an important role to avoid this complication. For bruise, swelling, and inflammation the dentist will normally advise you to put an ice pack on your check and to keep it cool. If you think there is something wrong in the surgery area, make sure that you will inform your dentist immediately.







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