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Severe Tooth Infection Affects Overall Health

severe tooth infection
severe tooth infection

Severe Tooth Infection Affects Overall Health

Putting the bad tomato in the basket full of good tomatoes is just like having a severe tooth infection. It would certainly affect the other tooth and another organ in our body. You must be aware that unless this dental problem is not addressed and treated, you will certainly face consequences that are bothersome and even more dangerous later. Here are the most of the problems that may appear if you have a severe tooth infection, check them out below:


The Consequences You May Face If You Will Ignore Severe Tooth Infection:


Whatever reasons you may have, if you will just ignore severe tooth infection, here are the following problems you may face later; worst if you will delay getting treatment.


  1. High Fever

Due to severe tooth infection that is not urgently treated or medicated, the infection can cause a high fever. The fever will certainly weaken the immune system of the person, making you more prone to other health conditions. If you feel hot while there is a severe infection, it is best to take medicine to stop fever and infection before it becomes an even more complicated issue.


  1. Swelling Of The Gum And Neck Portion

One of the problems you may experience if you keep severe tooth infection untreated is the swelling of the gum which will also be seen on the neck portion, making it difficult for you to swallow food.


  1. Sores On The Gums

Because of the puss that been stuck or trapped in the tooth or in gum, you will certainly feel sore on your gums. The pain will just be lessened once the puss or fluid had been drained out.


  1. Coma And Sinus Infection

Severe tooth infection, if not treated fast, may spread the infection to the brain through the blood vessels. This is usually in case of abscess tooth when being neglected; sometimes it can result in a sinus infection.


  1. Bacterial Endocarditis

Your gums, teeth, neck, and jaw are not just the part that could be at risk if severe tooth infection is not medicated or treated immediately. Among others, your heart is also at risk of bacterial endocarditis when the infection reached the heart.


  1. Restricted Airways

When the infection is really severe, there is also a high risk that you will experience Ludwig angina. This condition is characterized by infections that are blocking the airways.

Oral Health Plays Major Part In Overall Health

As famous adage often heard “prevention is better than cure” there is no substitute for it. Brushing your teeth thoroughly after eating and visiting the dentist to have dental examinations are the best prevention when it comes to tooth decay and cavities. These are the main cause why infection will start to bother you and may even cause abscess tooth. Making oral hygiene one of your top priority will not only benefit you in the future, it is also your edge when climbing up to the ladder of success since a beautiful smile will add confidence to the person and will certainly attractive to look at.


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