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Managing wisdom teeth removal pain


wisdom teeth removal pain

Managing wisdom teeth removal pain

Wisdom teeth if impacted or infected should be removed. It will cause wisdom teeth swelling. However, only your dentist will decide whether to extract your affected teeth or have it repaired.  Repairing it is temporary, but lesser pain and cost, while extraction is a little bit expensive, but it is a permanent solution.  What may hold you from agreeing with your dentist is the wrong notion that extraction is painful and not safe.  It is very safe and the pain is manageable.

During the extraction procedure.

To minimized or eliminate the discomfort or pain, the surgeon will administer a local anesthesia to the affected area. With the modern anesthetic medicine available in the market today, it very effective, that you can never feel the pain.  Others will opt for sedation, where they are put to sleep.  That way, they will never experience the pain or any discomfort.  They would like to think, that they haven’t undergone any procedure.

Wisdom teeth extraction pain is normal in nature and you can expect it to last until 72 hours. When you blood, don’t panic.  Bleeding is normal in the first few hours and blood is often mixed with your saliva, making it looked more.  Prolonged pain may be cause by dry socket or infection.  It is very important to schedule post surgical consultation with your dentist.  By doing so, he can evaluate the degree of recovery you are into.

In rare situation, complications do occur and it is usually cause by infections.  Its symptoms are high fever and swelling. The pain is really avoidable.  If not, it is very manageable.  What is important is you follow your dentist instructions.

So, give your dentist a visit. Talk to him about your wisdom tooth problem.  He would surely welcome you to his clinic.  Discuss with him the possibility of extraction.  I assure you, it will be a life changing experience.




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