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Impacted Tooth: What It Mean And Its Symptoms


Impacted Tooth

What It Mean By Impacted Tooth

The last to erupt teeth in humans is the wisdom teeth. It appears only at ages seventeen to twenty-five years old and often no longer gets enough space in the gum. When it is pushed, twisted and displaced it becomes impacted tooth. There are different levels of an impacted tooth that could lie on the gum. Sometimes it just erupts partially and the other portion of it is still submerged in the jaw but other times it is also completely impacted.

The Symptoms of Impacted Tooth

The wisdom teeth are usually the teeth that will get impacted when there is little space for it to erupt and it sometimes the person may not even aware that he/she has an impacted tooth since it won’t show any symptoms. However, some people do experience signs such as wisdomteethswelling, swelling around the jaw or gum, pain and bleeding of gums. These symptoms will often result in a headache, unpleasant taste of the food, bad breath, teeth crowding, and jaw stiffness.

The Dentist’s SolutionFor Impacted Tooth

It can be difficult when you have impacted tooth so if this happened, it is best to pay your dentist a visit. If you prolong it on this condition this can lead to certain gum disease and infection; sometimes the impacted tooth can even cause mouth tumor and cyst. If visitation to the dentist is done as soon as possible, the dentist will do an x-ray to better see the condition and they will normally suggest to the patient to have a surgery to remove it. Oral care is always taught to us at an early stage and for good oral hygiene, it is advisable to visit your dentist every 6 months.



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