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How to treat wisdom tooth extraction infection at home?


wisdom tooth extraction infection

How to treat wisdom tooth extraction infection at home?

Wisdom tooth extraction is done through surgery if it cannot be removed the normal way. However, most dentists advised that surgical procedures should be done to avoid infection. Inflammation that leads to infection is the after effect of surgeries if not properly treated. Dentist may prescribe antibiotics but might as well we know how to treat infection at home. When your wisdom teeth start to swell, it is really very painful and home remedies are the best recourse to stop the pain before running to your dentist.

Most of us may already have the idea that salt water is the best disinfectant when dealing with infection and inflammation. After the wisdom tooth extraction, you should rinse with salt water every after eating or for about 6 times a day so there could be minimal chances of infection. If infection has already take place, this is the best treatment we can do at home too. Wisdom teeth swelling may affect the gums and could lead to gum disease.

Gum disease is another kind of wisdom tooth infection exposed with bacteria. If this will remain untreated, it could bring unwanted smell and pain. Biting of chilled cucumber is what we should do when this arise. The vitamins we get from chilled cucumber helps treat wound up gum tissues. This remedy is very soothing too. Inflammation can be treated also by placing a pack of ice outside the area where you can feel irritation and pain. You have to wrap the ice with clean cloth first to bear the temperature before using it. These home remedies stated in this article are made to temporarily ease the pain and aid infection. It should always be better to visit your dentist so that whatever you feel after the wisdom tooth extraction process can be properly addressed and treated well.



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