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How to stop Tooth Pain at Home 

tooth pain
tooth pain

How to stop Tooth Pain at Home 

A lot of people rarely care about their oral health because in most cases, the problem does not occur right away. However, if you are the neither person who does not brush nor floss, then surely you will have a problem like tooth decay, halitosis, and even gum problems. But these problems will only be felt when the person feels an excruciating pain in the mouth. Indeed, having a toothache is a problem because there are some people who cannot concentrate at what they do. Moreover, your dentist will not perform tooth extraction right away. So, if you are having trouble with your teeth, then here are some of the home remedies that you can have when having a toothache.


A simple gargle can actually help in easing the pain that you are feeling. You can prepare a glass of warm water with salt. Dentists say that salt is actually a good disinfectant and is good at reducing inflammation. The best thing with salt is it is readily available in every home. A glass of water with a pinch of salt will do to ease the pain.

If you have hydrogen peroxide at home, then this can also be a good element of a rinse. You just need to prepare a diluted amount of peroxide and water before you gargle. Make sure that you do not swallow it otherwise, inform your doctor ahead of time. Just like salt, hydrogen peroxide is good at reducing inflammation.


Garlic is not only for cooking food but it is also a good remedy for tooth pain. It is a great pain reliever and it can also help in other mouth problems such as the prevention of plaque. So, if you are experiencing tooth pain at home, all you have to do is to crush the garlic until it forms a paste and directly apply it to the affected area. You might want to brush your teeth once you feel that it is working because the smell will surely stay for quite some time.

Cold Pack

 You may also want to try a cold pack once you feel tooth pain. The cold pack will give the affected area a numbing effect and therefore you cannot feel the pain for some time.

Overall, home remedies for tooth pain is very easy since the materials that were mentioned above are readily available at home. However, the best way to avoid tooth pain is very easy and that is to really take care of your teeth and gums. You need to religiously brush your teeth, tongue, and gums. Moreover, avoiding certain foods like sweets is also highly advisable. But best of all, it is best to regularly visit your dentist. Your dentist will surely guide you always especially in dealing with your problems of your gums and teeth. Moreover, your dentist will advise you on what is the right thing to do in case the problems are there already.


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