Home Teeth Treatment How to stop and treat tooth abscess spread?

How to stop and treat tooth abscess spread?

How to stop and treat tooth abscess spread?
How to stop and treat tooth abscess spread?

How to stop and treat tooth abscess spread?

Pain in a tooth, proliferating bacteria, swelling, pus, it is a dental abscess, painful and dangerous. What exactly is a dental abscess? This is something that needs to be treated quickly, but how? If you want to stop a tooth abscess spread, and want to know how to reduce the pain, then you should read the whole post.

 To treat a dental abscess, you start by taking your phone and make an appointment as soon as possible. Sometimes it is even an emergency, especially if there are signs of a larger infection: if the temperature is high and if the face was swollen.

In case of sickness that decreasing immunity, it is also an emergency. You may need to see an emergency dentist as soon as you can if you have got some kind of dental issue such as a dental abscess.

  • If you have diabetes,
  • If you take immunosuppressive therapy (organ transplant, autoimmune disease),
  • If you follow chemotherapy.
  • If you are HIV-positive.
  • And for some heart problem (damaged valve for example), it is essential to consult a dentist quickly.


What to do while waiting for the dentist?

Start taking a pain medication, paracetamol (or acetaminophen).  Apply a local aesthetic gel on the painful area for the purpose of relieving. Place a clove in the mouth on the painful area; this will act as an aesthetic and antibacterial effect, if you do not have aesthetic gel. Be careful to wash the clove with water before using it. You can also make an infusion and gargle with this preparation (pass the liquid on the painful area). Another solution you can try is to use clove essential oil, 1 drop in a tablespoon of table oil, and brush the painful area with a cotton swab. You can also purchase this infusion in most pharmacies.

Apply an ice pack on the cheek in the area of pain. Be careful, put a cloth between the skin and the ice pocket and do not leave it too long not to cause cold burn (no more than 10 minutes)! Then replace it as soon as the skin has warmed up a bit.

Make mouthwashes with baking soda dissolved in water, a teaspoon for a glass of water. Continue to brush morning and evening teeth with a very soft toothbrush. Do not chew on the side where the abscess is. Do not use dental floss or interdental brushes on the abscess side. Do not take a random antibiotic in your medicine kit.

What does the dentist do?

  1. They will examine you and possibly do an x-ray.
  2. They will then anesthetize the site.
  3. The dentist will then drain the abscess.
  4. It cleans the area of the canals of the tooth by removing infected tissue. They may recommend doing a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction.
  5. They will then treat the tooth by putting in place a paste to prevent the abscess from reforming.
  6. Dentists prescribe an antibiotic if necessary if the infection has spread.


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