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How to Reduce Molar Teeth Pain in Your Home


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How to Reduce Molar Teeth Pain in Your Home

If you have experienced wisdom teeth swelling, you should consider extracting it through the help of a professional dentist. Afterward, you should work on recovering as soon as possible. Here are the following methods to ease the molar teeth pain at the comfort of your own home.


While it may sound strange that you’re going to use the most basic ingredient in the kitchen to treat your molar teeth pain, onion can help in reducing the pain because of its anti-inflammation properties. The phytochemicals work in targeting the germs that cause the infection and results in tremendous pain.

By simply chewing the onion, you can reduce the pain. Red or yellow onions are more effective compared to mild and sweet onions. Hence, make it a habit to opt for the pungent onions if you want to heal faster.

Cucumber slices

If you wanted something that tastes better compared to chewing onions, then you should consider cucumber slices. Even if cucumber doesn’t contain anti-infection properties, they can work wonders if your mouth starts to hurt.

Cut the cucumbers into small slices, put it in the refrigerator, and place it directly on the throbbing tooth once it starts to hurt. The coolness that radiates from the frozen cucumber will help to banish the pain away. It’s one of the easiest home remedies you could apply.

Onion, cucumber, tea bags, cloves along with other basic ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen is most effective in reducing the pain from extracting your molar teeth. Hence, the next time your teeth acts up, all you need is a few agonizing moments of preparing the remedies and apply it to your face or directly to your teeth. After several minutes, it can provide you pain similar to how a painkiller works


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