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How to Recover from Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction



How to Recover from Upper Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Even if upper wisdom tooth extraction is considered as a common oral procedure nowadays, there is no easy way for recovery. If you can’t barely manage the pain brought by wisdom teeth swelling before it’s extracted, here are the following tips that you should keep in mind after the surgery.

Prevent dry sockets as much as you can

Dry socket can complicate everything. After your upper wisdom tooth extraction, make sure that you do not smoke, use your mouth a lot, use contraceptive pills, and use straws. It’s only a few days. So ensure that you avoid these factors that can contribute to dry socket otherwise you will have to suffer a lot. Dry sockets are extremely painful and home remedies can’t fully heal it.

Be careful of what you eat

Furthermore, you should also watch out the food you’re going to put inside your mouth… eating pop corn, chips, nots, sugary, sticky, and acidic foods are not allowed. It works the same with drinking hot liquid, alcohol and soda. For the time being, we recommend that you stick to soft foods such as pudding, soft vegetables, and soup.

Ask for painkillers

Make sure to follow the pain medications your oral surgeon has provided for you. In that way, you don’t delay your recovery. Especially if the home remedies don’t work on you, the prescribed painkillers can help you to relieve yourself from the pain and manage it.

There you go. Follow the aforementioned tips if you want to speed up the process of recovery time. There’s no easy way to get around the pain that it can cause, but knowing you can manage can help you to overcome it in such short period of time. Give it some time to heal before you go back to your daily routine.


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