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How to ease wisdom tooth pain naturally


ease wisdom tooth pain naturally

How to ease wisdom tooth pain naturally

Wisdom tooth swelling will cause wisdom tooth pain.  It is a discomfort felt by a patient due to the coming out of its wisdom tooth.  When the wisdom tooth force its way out the gums or jaw bones, it may come out pressing other teeth.  Another thing is that when the wisdom tooth is trapped inside the gums, which may also add to the swelling of the gums and causes pain.  Another factor that contributed to wisdom tooth pain, is it being infected.

Here are some symptoms of wisdom tooth problems that cause pain on the affected areas.

  1. Pain and tenderness in the jaw area. It is natural to feel pain and tenderness when the area affected is swollen.
  2. Your wisdom tooth is swollen and redness is seen in the affected areas.
  3. Presence of bad breath in your mouth.

There are some home remedies to ease wisdom tooth pain naturally.  Try the following and it might help you ease the pain.

  1. The easiest and the most available remedy are salt and water gargling. The solution will wash out the substances from the gums that cause irritations. It can be repeated as needed.
  2. Another easy remedy is the ice compress. It is also readily available in most homes, just put it in your skin within the affected area.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide will also be a good remedy. If it is available in your house, you can go for it and just simply gargle it.
  4. Alcohol is also a good remedy, but it is not advice for minors for safety reasons. It can be applied with the use of cotton buds.
  5. Apple cider vinegar has its acidic property that will kill bacteria that may have caused your tooth pain.
  6. Peppermints leave or extract will also be a good remedy if it is available at home.
  7. Vanilla and oils will also be worth trying.

Wisdom tooth pain is hard to manage and in serious situation, doctors will have to decide to remove it.







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