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How to cure dental abscess and other treatments

how to cure dental abscess
how to cure dental abscess

How to cure dental abscess and other treatments

A tooth abscess is a small pocket of pus that grows around a tooth or gums caused by bacterial infection of the tooth. Abscesses can develop quite fast; they can even get worse over time. They can also be incredibly painful and in advanced cases, can even be life threatening too. So if you want to know how to cure dental abscess, then you have come to the right place.

It is an infection that can be very painful. If not treated, it can be complicated and lead to the loss of the affected tooth or lead to other health problems.

What causes a dental abscess in the first place?

Damage to the tooth, untreated tooth decay or periodontal disease can be the causes that lead to the appearance of a dental abscess.

If the decay is not treated, it can progress until it affects the nerve of the tooth. When this happens, the bacteria can reach the tissue surrounding the tooth, creating a tooth abscess. In the case of periodontal disease, this causes the gum to separate from the tooth, creating periodontal pockets. If food enters these periodontal pockets (space between the tooth and the gum), the bacteria can develop into a tooth abscess.

When you suffer a dental abscess you may suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Red and swollen gums.
  • Pulsating pain, especially when chewing.
  • A bad taste in the mouth.
  • Swelling in the jaw or mouth
  • A red and swollen lump. It may contain blood or pus inside it.

If you have pain in a tooth, inflammation of your gums or face, or drainage of pus, gets in touch quickly with your dentist. You may suffer a dental abscess that, if left untreated, can be very dangerous to your oral health and even overall physical health too. The tooth infection may even spread to the bone.

How is a dental abscess treated?

The goals of treatment are to cure the infection, preserve the tooth and prevent complications. Usually, a dentist will recommend either a tooth extraction or a root canal treatment. For a root canal treatment, it is better to see a specialist or an endodontist.

A dental abscess needs a quick treatment to stop the infection as soon as possible. The specialist dentist prescribes the taking of an antibiotic to treat the infection.

The infection should be drained and the pain eliminated. Also, perform an endodontic treatment, also known as endodontic or root canal treatment, with the aim of removing the infected nerve and sealing it correctly. Or, if it is not possible to cure the infection by means of the endodontic treatment, the tooth from which a dental abscess comes must be extracted.

How to deal with a dental abscess?

A good way to reduce inflammation and pain is to place an ice pack in the affected area. You can also take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen to relieve pain. It is advisable not to smoke in order to avoid possible complications during the healing process of a dental abscess.


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