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How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?


How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

Wisdom teeth removal is common now a day, considering that many people are experiencing wisdom teeth swelling.  Records shows that there thousands of procedures are done every year around globe. After consultation, the dentist will decide whether to proceed with the extraction immediately.   On the part of the patient, it is important to do a research on the costs of wisdom teeth extraction, as different dentists, charge differently.

Cost of wisdom teeth removal

procedure depends on the seriousness of the condition.  Take a reference on the following:

  1. Simple extraction which involve tooth that are already coming out cost less at around $75 to $200 for a single tooth and may reach $300 to $400 for the complete wisdom teeth removal. This is does not involve surgical procedure.
  2. For an impacted tooth, the cost of removal may reach $600 per tooth. The use of general anesthesia may add $250- $500 to the total cost.
  3. Impacted tooth removal differ, depending on how the tooth is impacted. A partially impacted tooth in the jaw bone, me cost a little bit expensive, while the boney extraction (where the tooth is totally buried), is a very expensive procedure

Many dental doctors accept insurance and will offer a lower cost for complete impaction of all the wisdom tooth. The average cost for 4 wisdom teeth removal using general anesthetic will run from $1,500 to $2,500, which will run high, for a more complex procedure.

Wisdom teeth removal is very expensive, so it will be practical enough to plan in advance.  Get a dental insurance from a reliable company.  Another thing is consider asking for referral from friends and relatives, who may have undergone the same procedure in the past.  They may know of a reliable dentist/surgeon, who charge less cost and offers good service.








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