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How much does a wisdom tooth extraction cost?


wisdom tooth extraction cost

How much does a wisdom tooth extraction cost?

Suffering from a wisdom teeth swelling? have it extracted.

Aside from fear of the pain in a wisdom tooth extraction, the cost of the procedure is another thing that keeps the patient to rethink undergoing the procedure. So take away some misconception and myths about costs, this article will give you some insights of this topic.

Cost of wisdom tooth extraction will always vary, depending on the status of the infection, however, a normal extraction may cost an average of $75 – $200 per tooth.  But, for an impacted tooth, it may reach to $600 per tooth. For procedures that will require you to have general anesthetic, it will reach to 41,500 -$3,000. Some clinics will offer packages that involve complete removal of 4 wisdom teeth at once.  Availing of this package will give you a saving of $1000, more or less.  This are just the average costs found in the market, but, as each tooth has different characteristics, your child’s wisdom tooth extraction removal may costs you less or more.

Here some factors that will determine your wisdom tooth extraction cost:

  1. Type of extraction is one factor. Mostly, impacted tooth will cost you more than the simple wisdom procedure.  For the impacted tooth, it will require for a surgery.
  2. Your dentist. Because there is no regulation in the way dentist’s charges, It is necessary to find for a dentist that you know will.  Your dentists will be a big factor, when it comes to cost.  He can charge you more or less, if he wanted to.
  3. Oral Surgeon. Once your dentist requires services of an oral surgeon, expect the cost to go higher.
  4. Your location will also be a factor in determining the cost of wisdom tooth extraction. The farther the facilities are, the higher the cost is. Clinics located in the business districts, may also charge high.
  5. If you have insurance, it will be a big help to minimize the cost.

So you can ask for referral from friends and families. They may be able to recommend their own personal dentist.  You can also look at your neighborhood, your home owners association, there may be some dentist out there.  A few hundred dollars of a discount matters a lot.






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