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How Does a Tooth Get Infected and How Can You Prevent It?

how does a tooth gets infected
how does a tooth gets infected

How Does a Tooth Get Infected and How Can You Prevent It?

Even if your teeth are safe from the harsh elements of nature, there are many ways it can get infected. Fortunately, there are also methods you can try in order to fight this infection. So, how does a tooth gets infected?

 It starts with the food debris that had been accumulated between your teeth or stuck in your gums. This debris will soon turn into the cavity and the development of it will lead to inflammation, swelling, and throbbing pain. It’s what we call an abscessed tooth. In order to stop the infection from spreading, here are the following ways you can prevent it.


  1. Monitor a toothache that you are feeling

First, you need to monitor a toothache that you’ve been feeling. Most of the time, it’s described as sharp and gnawing—throbbing even that doesn’t stop until you have taken some painkillers or any home remedies to relieve the pain. If you have an abscessed tooth, it will automatically hurt the moment your dentist will tap it using a dental probe. But in worst case scenario, you won’t be able to point which one is hurting so bad because the entire area surrounding your teeth will hurt as well. These unbearable mouth pain should not be neglected. See your dentist as soon as you can.


  1. Check out for pus and inflammation of gums

In answering the question, how does a tooth get infected, you’ll be able to validate your self-diagnose theory once you check your mouth and finds trapped pus inside. You will also notice the swelling of your gums, which means the infection, has already started. The trapped pus will cause you a lot of pain but once it’s discharged, you will feel a little better. Make sure that you do not swallow the pus. It’s bacteria.


  1. Notice any discoloration of your teeth

An infected tooth will lose its natural color because of the bacteria. If your teeth are slowly turning into an ugly shade of gray or dark brown, it’s also one of the signs you have an infected tooth. The sudden switch of shades is a result of the dying blood cells. It will deteriorate over time so we suggest you have it checked by a dentist.


  1. Do not neglect fever and unexplained body fatigue?

Since the bacteria are spreading, your body is most likely to experience fever and body fatigue. Keep yourself dehydrated at all times and medicate yourself to lower down your fever before you go to a dentist. You can also try some home remedies to reduce the inflammation that had been causing your body the fever.


It is important to keep your mouth from the bacteria but it’s hard since you’re going to eat every single day. Hence, make sure that you follow the aforementioned tips and do not hesitate to ask for professional services from a dentist. They can help you maintain a healthy set of teeth free from any infection.


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