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How does a tooth abscess start?

how does tooth abscess start
how does tooth abscess start

How does a tooth abscess start?

What is the condition called tooth abscess?  It is a condition that occurs in the central inner part of our teeth.  This part is called pulp and it is where tissues and nerves interact, with each other.  When a bacteria happens to go inside, it cause tooth abscess.

It is important to know, how does tooth abscess start, so we can avoid this to happen, if possible. Now, we will take to time to learn, how this starts.  Take note of the following:

  1. Tooth abscess starts when decay is big enough and dig dipper, until it reach the area called pulp chamber.  When it happens, a reaction happens, that may cause inflammation.  When infections spread to the tooth, gums and jaw bone, it will start the abscess.
  2. Damage teeth. A damage teeth will start abscess, because if not treated, it will invite bacteria.
  3. Other treatment. Sometimes, treatment such as crown and root canal, will cause it.  When a filling goes down to the pulp chamber, it will get infected.  These treatment, if not completely sealed, will slowly start the abscess condition.
  4. Grinding of tooth. This is considered a slowly cause of the condition. Grinding of teeth, will cause trauma. It will result to slow supply of blood and so with the much needed nutrients.  This will result for the pulp to die.

How does abscess tooth start? It will all point out, to ignorance of the people in proper care of their teeth. Ignoring the basic hygiene practices, early symptoms and lack of awareness, all of these, contributed to abscess tooth.

There is no excused, for failure to prevent the condition. We have the responsibility to take care of not only our teeth, but for the whole family as well.  A healthy family, is a happy family. Keep your family healthy and make it a happy one.




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