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Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed: Expectation And Recovery


Wisdom Teeth Removed: Expectation And Recovery

Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed: Expectation And Recovery

When your dentist tells that your wisdom tooth needs to be extracted, getting nervous for the procedure is just normal but we can eliminate such feeling if we know what will happen during and after the procedure. Usually, it is the oral surgeon that will do the extraction and it will take few days to heal.

Possible Reasons Why It Must Be Removed

  1. Getting wisdom teeth removed is the only solution if the wisdom teeth do not come in normally or trapped in the gums. This will make wisdomteethswellingand the surrounding gum which can normally be painful.
  2. The space in your mouth could not accommodate another growth of teeth. Since there is no space for wisdom teeth, it is often impacted and should be pulled out.
  3. Cavities are eating your wisdom teeth since it is unable to reach during brushing and flossing.

What To Expect In The Surgery

Before the procedure is done, the dentist will numb you with an anesthesia or sometimes you can be asleep during the operation. It will take 45 minutes, more or less. It is best that you set your surgery after work or school in which you can rest afterward.

Types Of Anesthesia For Surgery

  1. Getting wisdom teeth removed needs an application of anesthesia. The doctor will give you a Novocaine shot on the gums and it is possible that you can smell the nitrous oxide. This will help you relax during the operation.
  2. The IV sedation is also done. It will make your mouth unable to feel anything and the surgeon will also give you drugs shot on your arm which is expected to make you feel drowsy and so you may fall asleep.
  3. General anesthesia can also be given through your veins or breathing gas mask. For the whole time during the surgery, you will not wake up so the dentist can cut the bone or gum. Sometimes, the surgeon will also stitch the wounds in order for you to recover fast. Stitches are normally dissolved after several days. It is normal that the dentist/surgeon will stuff your mouth with pads or cotton to soak up the blood, so you should not be so nervous if you see too much blood.



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