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Foods to eat after wisdom teeth is pulled?


Foods to eat after wisdom teeth is pulled

Foods to eat after wisdom teeth is pulled?

We always heard so much about wisdom teeth swelling and the procedure a patient undergoes to treat this illness.  Now, we will try to talk about post procedure, which includes, after care of the patient.  Of course dentists will give instruction on the do’s and don’ts, to make healing faster than ever and so with the medications.  On the other side, it is the patient’s obligation to follow exactly, what the doctor’s instruction is.  However, in this article, let me focus on the food that patients are usually allowed to take after their wisdom teeth is pulled.

  1. Apple sauce has a good smooth texture, rich in vitamin c and fiber and very needed dietary food. This kind of food does not need so much effort to chew, thus wont stress the jaw.  This will make healing faster.
  2. Ice cream also is a good option as it soothes the inflamed tissue. This also requires less effort for the jaw.
  3. Broth based soup will also be a good choice after tooth extraction. It may not be a filling up food, but it provides great amount of protein, which is good for your immediate healing.
  4. Jell-o and pudding is also recommended, because of its long shelf life. So if you are alone and no one is around to cook for you, you can just take a slice or two and keep some in the fridge for later consumption.
  5. Mashed potato is another good option. It is very easy to prepare and you can make variety of by putting butter or gravy on it.   This food is also very rich in fiber, which is good for your health
  6. Yogurt is another good option with its smoothness. You can even take your medication alongside, while eating this food
  7. Milkshakes are full of nutrients that is good for healing patients, who just underwent a wisdom tooth pulled and
  8. Oatmeal is among the favorite of some patients. It can easily be mix with jam, sugar and other flavors.

These are just some of the foods that you can take after having your wisdom teeth pulled.

One most important thing, don’t forget to ask your dentists advise.



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