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Facts about Sensitive Teeth

sensitive teeth.
sensitive teeth.

Facts about Sensitive Teeth

 You and your friends are enjoying your chat over ice cream and then suddenly, you felt a sharp pain on your teeth. Due to the sudden experience, you do not want to feel the uneasiness once more and so you did not enjoy the whole talk and your ice cream.

The situation above is just one of the most common experiences of people who have sensitive teeth. More than half of the people in the United States of America are suffering from such condition. Good thing that this condition is not as fatal as everybody thinks it may be. It is temporary and is experienced only for a short period of time. The pain of teeth sensitivity is often sharp because the nerve endings are the ones that are affected.

Sensitive teeth can actually be experienced by anybody. This condition usually occurs when the dentin of the teeth is already exposed. Dentin exposure usually occurs when there are cracks in the teeth or even with gum erosion. There are several predisposing factors that the dentin of the teeth is exposed. Good examples include plaque build-up, gum exposure, and even using the wrong toothbrush can expose the dentin of the teeth.

So, if you are experiencing sensitive teeth, then you should be able to feel the sharp pain especially when you are eating cold food or even too hot dishes. The best thing about this is the fact that it can still be avoided and treated because as mentioned above, sensitive teeth is just an awful experience but something that is not really serious.  You may want to visit your dentist so that you can get an expert’s advice about sensitive teeth. However, if you do not have time yet, you may want to change some old ways that are contributing to worsening the sensitivity of your teeth.

First, you need to change your tooth paste. Definitely you are just choosing the brand that you like but it does not work that way always. You may want to buy a tooth paste that contains much fluoride because it can help ease the sensitivity. You do not need to brush everything at once, all you have to do is to coat your teeth with the tooth paste first and then rinse after. Also, you need to change your toothbrush. Fine and soft bristled toothbrush is the best one for sensitive teeth. Lastly, you need to minimize eating spicy food and drinking drinks which are carbonated like soda. Moreover, avoiding extremely cold and hot food is also a good way to avoid sensitive teeth.

In summary, having sensitive teeth is probably a common feeling that a lot of people in the world have felt. This is due to the exposure of dentin which is also due to some practices like poor oral hygiene and taking food and beverages that can expose it. However, teeth sensitivity can be reversed by following the steps that were mentioned above. Compliance can surely make you feel comfortable the soonest.


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